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KAHLES Helia 8x56

Våpen og optikk

With the new Helia 8x56 KAHLES expands their existing binoculars range and offers now also binoculars for all night owls.

The new Helia 8x56 offers again noticeable perfection for all hunters. The light sensitive and brilliant optic with its ergonomic design and perceptible thump dent is made to be used during the night. Furthermore the waterproof, robust and lightweight magnesium housing provides optimum protection, even in harshest conditions.
As all existing Helia binoculars, the Helia 8x56 impresses once more with natural, earthy col-ours and useful accessories and the Waldkauz® leather strap with quick disconnect enables easy removal so that no disturbing stuff is blocking your hunting experience.
The new Helia 8x56 will be available as of August at retailers for the favourable price of € 1.300.

.: Brilliant, clear image even at night
.: Natural, earthy colours
.: Rugged, fog-free and waterproof
.: Waldkauz® leather strap with quick disconnect for easy removal

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