Houdini M's Alpha Houdi


Warm and flexible base layer, ideal for the days when it is a bit colder.

Alpha Houdi is a perfect alternative to a jacket on a run, or under a fleece when you are skiing. It has reinforcements at the wrists, a hood that is large enough for your bike or climbing helmet and pockets that are highly placed to be compatible with both a back pack or harness. Comfort cut neck prevents chaffing when wearing a backpack. Alpha Houdi effectively transports moisture and keeps you warm and dry.

Effective moisture-management will maintain your body temperature at a stable level. The pH Pure™ anti odor treatment keeps bacteria and odor at bay by lowering the pH value of the garment. Made from recycled fabrics - completely recyclable!

If it’s a perfect microclimate you’re looking for you better start using this base layer. It performs at its best in chilly conditions, no matter if you’re going fast-forward up to the top or fast down the powder covered slopes, our Alpha Houdi you will keep going when others would stop. When it is finally worn out or you do not wear it anymore, you can bring it back to Houdini to be either recycled or sold in our second hand store.

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