SP Connect Bike Bundle


The SP Connect BIKE BUNDLE lets you mount your smartphone to your bike with a turn of your wrist.

Your mobile phone is then positioned right in the center of your vision, allowing you to use your apps, access your playlists, read messages or navigate. Use the WEATHER COVER to protect your phone from rain and dirt. Fasten the CLAMP MOUNT or STEM MOUNT to your bike and you are ready to mount your smartphone in the SP Connect PHONE CASE by placing it on the mount and turning it 90° clockwise.

SP Connect provides the best range of products for your smartphone, creating easy implementations for everyday activeties or when capturing your most adventurous moments. Dedication to quality and innovation makes these products the perfect solution for anyone looking for the quickest and most secure way to mount a smartphone.  

With SP Connect, you`re getting the world`s most versatile mounting system.  The components of both, phonecase and mounts, are a perfect match for each other, but feel free to use them with many other SP Gadgets or other GoPro compatible products.

Now you can... CONNECT your active life.

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