Feiyutech G5


Feiyutech G5 is a 3-Axis handheld Gimbal. Powered by precise brushless motors.

Easy multi-function buttons gives you an immersive shooting experience. The four-way Joystick button can control the camera up and down, also it can also be used for panning and Rolling. The main function button control`s the power and modes. We have also added a "Selfie Button". 

The G5 is compatible with the new HERO5 Camera from GoPro, as well as older GoPro models like the HERO4, HERO3 and HERO3+.  The G5 is Rugged and splashproof which gives you the best possible shooting experience.

Longer Runtime with larger battery.

The G5 makes use of a power-intense ICR 22650 battery.

Together with algorithm enhanced power efficiency, the G5 is capable of up to 8 hours  runtime for your consistent outdoor adventure.  


NOK:2990,- DKK: 2499,- SEK: 3149,-  EU: 329,99,-  

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